Frequently Asked Questions

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What is needed to start service?
  • Meet and Greet in your home
  • 2 keys, or reasonable access to your pets
  • Pet owner login to client portal, ‘Time To Pet for scheduling, and payment
Why do you require twice daily cat visits?

Most cats become stressed and anxious when their people leave. Behaviorists recommend a minimum of 2 visits per day for human interaction and playtime. Cats can become ill or get into mischief – we don’t want 24 hours between visits for safety reasons. This article discusses care when you’re away: https://catbehaviorassociates.com/pet-sitter-or-boarding-kennel-which-one-is-right-for-your-cat/

Do You Work Holidays?

Yes, I work ALL holidays for cat sitting visits.

Daily dog walks are cancelled for some holidays, including Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Why are you considered a professional service?

I receive continuing training in animal behavior and handling. I carry business insurance and bonding. I network with other positive reinforcement pet professionals including, trainors, behavior consultants, dog walkers and Marin Humane.

How do I pay my bill?
You’ll receive an invoice and pay through the client portal using PayPal or a credit card. Because the client enters the information into a secure and encrypted server, I never see your financial information.
What areas do you service?

Dog walking service area includes Novato.

Cat sitting area includes Novato.

How are keys handled?
2 keys are labeled with a number. Both keys are locked in office unless one is in use.
How do you handle inclement weather
In Marin, inclement weather usually means rain. If your dog is willing to walk, so am I. Home alone dogs are taken out long enough to eliminate, unless they prefer the whole walk. Prior to COVID-19 we would spend time in the house playing and working on obedience. Now, we may do these activities on a covered porch.
Do you care for other animals, or just cats and dogs?

I work with cats and dogs. Exceptions can be made for established clients who add other types of companion pets.

Do you administer medication?

At this time I am not taking service that requires medication administration. I recommend you contact Veterinarian for resources.

Are you paperless?

Yes, completely paperless.


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