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Enriching Cat Visits & Dog Walks
Cat Sitting and Dog Walking

Cat Sitter & Dog Walker

I provide Cat Sitting visits and Dog Walking for residents of Novato.

Cats are usually dismissed as independent pets, but they actually dislike when their people go away.

Sensitive to change and easily stressed, your cat will receive thoughtful care and attention, along with territory maintenance and feeding. Litter boxes are monitored and scooped each visit.

Keeping routines, providing playtime, and drawing out the shy or fearful cat will help during your absence.

Cats have strong instincts to hunt, catch, kill and eat. Interactive Playtime each day helps satisfy these needs and provides exercise. I often find shy cats quickly become friends during our play sessions. 

Cats who are fearful and hide themselves away are enriched in non-direct ways, such as leaving food puzzles or treat treasures around the home. 

Some Dogs are better suited for individual walks due to age, ability or temperament. I provide individual, neighborhood walks. Multiple dogs from same household may be walked together.

Exercise, manners reinforcement and lots of exploring are incorporated into our walks. My goal for your dog is maximum enrichment. Consent is important for your dog, always allow her to sniff and explore her territory at her own pace.

Training and qualifications: Canine education through DogBiz Dog Walking Academy (formerly dog*tec), and Karen Pryor Academy Shelter Training. Canine and Feline workshops at Marin Humane. Humane Society Of U.S.

Current volunteer at Marin Humane as a shelter dog walker (Dog Pet Pal).

No one service can provide all of Novato’s pet care needs. To that end we network with other positive reinforcement providers. If we can’t help, we’ll refer you to another excellent, force free service.

Planet Dog Walkers is licensed, insured, bonded and background checked. Offering force free services since 2016.

Patrick Crossan, Owner/Operator, Cat and Dog Wrangler



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