Dog Walking Using Positive reinforcement

I provide neighborhood walks for Novato dogs. Three walks per week minimum required. Multiple dogs from the same household may be walked together. 

Private Dog Walking in Novato

Starting At $30 (minimum of 3 weekly walks)

I’m a dog walker providing neighborhood walks, for sniffing, exploring and manners work. Dogs need to decompress and investigate the environment & your dog will choose their pace and route.

Here’s what you’ll get: 

Positive reinforcement to build confidence and strong bonds.

Shy and small dogs are handled with expert care.

Puppies practice loose leash walking, and basic obedience. Clicker training helps pups learn quicker.

Seniors enjoy sniffari walks with a patient dog walker.

Reactive dogs are managed to reduce triggers.  



Why hire me for dog walking in Novato?


Your dog needs walks while you’re away or at home.

I’m trained and experienced to work with your dog including behavior and communication.

My human clients trust and value my attention to their pets.

I DON’T use aversives such as dog parks, prong, choke or shock collars, yelling, scolding, squirt bottles, air horns, or shake cans.


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Serving Novato , California

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