Cat Sitting

Your cats are happy at home and will enjoy boredom busting cat sitting visits.

Cat Sitting Visits in Your Home – Novato & Lucas Valley

Starting at $22 per visit

Cat guardians know the importance of fear free cat care while they’re away. Your cats are happiest at home and will enjoy boredom busting visits by a cat specialist. My visits are designed to enrich and relax, easing the stress of missing you. 

I work with indoor-only cats. If your cat currently has outdoor access, I do not recommend keeping him indoors during a trip. Cats don’t like routine or environment changes and we never want to create stress. Enclosed catios are acceptable.

Twice daily visits are required to maintain health and safety. I don’t offer every other day visits. 


Here’s what you’ll get:

  • I’ll use your toys and bring my own to engage your cat(s) with Interactive playtime to satisfy hunting instincts
  • Brushing her coat for grooming.
  • Shy, and hiding cats are carefully supported and not pushed to interact.
  • Food and water are monitored, refreshed and refilled
  • Petting and lap time for kitties who love attention.
  • Puzzle toys to engage the mind and ease boredom
  • Litter boxes are cleaned and monitored each visit. Yes, I count poop and urine clumps
  • You’ll get a GPS time stamped report card each visit
  • Videos and pictures of your fur kids
  • If needed, I’ll take them to the Veterinarian






Planet Cat Sitting

Why hire me for cat sitting?


Your cats need daily visits while you travel.

Your cat is suffering from separation anxiety  and needs companionship.

I’m experienced and understand cat behavior.

My cat clients love me, and greet me at the door.

My human clients trust me and value my attention to their cats.


Twice daily visits are best. For health and safety: I do not offer every other day cat visits. 

Resources for behavior concerns during Shelter In Place:
Pam Johnson Bennet is a noted Cat Behaviorist. See her tips for preventing behavior problems during shelter in place


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