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Experienced Cat Sitter provides home visits while you’re away. Cats become more confident and less stressed.

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Cat Sitter provides in-Your-Home VISITS – Novato, Ca

Starting at $30 per visit

My ideal client wants a cat sitter who’ll spend time with their cats. They understand human interaction and playtime benefit cats when family is away. 

I provide twice daily visits for your cat’s health and safety. Lap time, petting and scritches for cats who want them. I always let your cat determine if, when and where they want scratches. My cat clients quickly build trust and greet me at the door!

As a result of my care, owners report a reduction in shyness especially when other visitors come to their homes. Your cat becomes more confident with all visitors!

Cats need human interaction and playtime to reduce stress. These interactions are performed at your cat’s comfort level and are never forced in any way. Playtime creates confidence building in all cats and is a tool I use. 

Cats who play, ‘don’t feel like prey’ and are more confident.

*Why twice daily visits?: Behaviorists recommend twice daily visits and I have encountered situations that could have been dire if left 24 hours.
These include:
*Ant infestation into food bowls during the night.

*Cat illness requiring Veterinarian visit.

*Access to litter box inadvertently blocked

 *Painful abscess on a cat that required      treatment.

*Sudden inter-cat aggression: The cats needed to be separated in the home and visited individually


Age is not a disease: senior cats get (less vigorous) playtime. I use wand toys to allow stalking, mousing, & birding behaviors. Best to follow playtime with a few treats or meal.

Hiding & fearful cats: Hiding is a primal way for cats to be safe and calm fears. That’s why they choose dark, inaccessible spots to hide. I never coerce, or pull cats from hiding spots. Slow, Slow, Slow is critical for hiding kitties! Treats (if allowed) like Bonito flakes, Temptations, or Churu provide a positive human association. Dangling a wand toy near a hiding cat usually draws them out (primal instinct). The higher the stress the slower we go. It’s extremely rare a cat doesn’t respond over time.

Why not leave hiding cats alone? Cats are conflicted. They’re territorial and social, prey and predator, they need to feel safe in their home. If we leave cats stressed they may develop health or behavior issues. Building a trust bond with hiding cats is achievable in most cases.

Cat TV: Most cats love looking outside. During my visit I may open windows and doors that have screens. They love to smell the air, listen and watch. Hiding cats often come out for opened windows and doors! This is a supervised activity and cats aren’t allowed outdoor access. ALL windows/doors are closed before end of visit.

I work with indoor-only cats. Enclosed catios are acceptable.

See article from noted behaviorist Pam Johnson Bennett:

Here’s what I’ll provide during EVERY visit:

  • I’ll use your toys and bring my own to engage your cat(s) with Interactive playtime to satisfy hunting instincts
  • Brushing her coat for grooming or Lap time, petting and scratches.
  • Shy, and hiding cats are supported and encouraged, but not pushed to interact. Usually a wand toy will bring them out from hiding.
  • Food and water are monitored, refreshed and refilled 
  • Litter boxes are cleaned and monitored each visit. Yes, I count poop and urine clumps
  • You’ll get a GPS tracked, time stamped report card each visit
  • Videos and pictures of your fur kids
  • If needed, I’ll take them to the Veterinarian


Resources for behavior concerns during Shelter In Place:
Pam Johnson Bennett is a noted Cat Behaviorist. See her tips for preventing behavior problems during shelter in place


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