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Experienced Cat Sitter provides home visits while you’re away. Cats become more confident and less stressed.

Planet Cat Sitting

Cat Sitter provides in-Your-Home VISITS – Novato, Ca

Starting at $30 per visit

I’m an experienced cat sitter who spends time with your cats providing companionship and playtime.

These interactions are performed at your cat’s comfort level and never forced. Playtime reduces stress, increases confidence and is a tool we use at the shelter for all our cats. 

Here’s what I’ll provide during during visits:

  • I’ll use your toys and bring my own to engage your cat(s) with Interactive playtime 
  • Hangout time for pets, scratches, lap time, brushing or just chilling. Many cats just want companionship
  • Shy, and hiding cats are supported and encouraged. Usually a wand toy will bring them out from hiding.
  • Food and water are monitored, refreshed and refilled 
  • Litter boxes are cleaned and monitored each visit. Yes, I count poop and urine clumps
  • You’ll get a GPS tracked, time stamped report card each visit
  • Videos and pictures of your cats
  • If needed, I’ll take them to the Veterinarian

Why twice daily visits? Behaviorists recommend a minimum of twice daily visits and I have encountered situations that could have been dire if left 24 hours. 

These include:
Ant infestation into food bowls during the night.

Cat illness requiring Veterinarian exam.

Access to litter box became blocked

Painful abscess on a cat that required treatment

Sudden aggression in a two cat home

Age is not a disease: senior cats get playtime.
I use wand toys for low impact stalking & mousing.

Hiding & fearful cats: Hiding is a primal way for cats to protect themselves. That’s why they choose dark, inaccessible spots to hide. Treats (if allowed) like Bonito flakes, Temptations, or Churu provide a positive human association. Dangling a wand toy near a hiding cat usually draws them out to play. The higher the stress the slower we go.

Why not leave hiding cats alone? Cats are conflicted. They’re territorial and social, prey and predator-they need to feel safe at home. If we leave cats stressed they may develop health or behavior issues. Building a trust bond with hiding cats is achievable in most cases.

Home visits or boarding? See article from noted behaviorist Pam Johnson Bennett: 


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