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Patrick Crossan

Patrick Crossan


Years ago we needed a dog walker for our rescue, named Ben. I was impressed with the handling skills and care from our walker and later enrolled in a dog walking academy. I learned about behavior and communication and providing positive reinforcement to increase wanted behaviors.

While our dog walker provided group walks, I decided to offer private dog walks, and quickly found a niche. Dogs are social animals, but some need or prefer solo walks. During our walks we practice basic obedience, get exercise and explore.

How my service may vary from others, I work with dogs to be better citizens, while enjoying their walk. Some dogs may be fearful, and I employ a positive approach.

I also work with cats and find them endlessly fascinating and complex. Cats are both prey and predator and haven’t been domesticated as long as dogs.

They have a short period as kittens to become well socialized with humans, other pets and their environment. Cats who are stressed may quickly develop health or behavior problems.

My approach with cat visits is to reduce stress and provide playtime or other forms of enrichment.

I almost always make a social connection with my cat clients, and usually find them waiting for me at the door.

Being effective requires learning and experience. I’ve been fortunate to work as a volunteer at Marin Humane with both cats and dogs, and attend training and workshops. I have completed Fear Free Shelter and Humane Society of the U.S. Cat Retention seminars, and network with local and national trainers and behavior consultants.

Finally, my human clients appreciate my respect for their home and privacy. When I enter your home, I’m focused on pet care. I’m the least intrusive person you’ll have in your home. I operate under the assumption all my clients have security cameras, and I hope they do. Your home and pets are safe in my care.


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